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Four Reasons Why You Should List Your Pricing on Your Website

Ahhh, pricing. The bane of every biz owner's existence - especially if you have a service-based biz. Do you list the pricing on your website? Do you do a "starting at" price? Do you leave it off altogether? 

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How to Take the "Ick" Out of Networking

If the thought of going to a networking event gives you hives, you're not alone. 

Networking events can be THE WORST, especially if you're an introvert like me - and like a lot of creative business owners I know.

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Four Branding Elements You're Forgetting to Use In Your Business

When a lot of people think "branding," they think of their logo - and only their logo. I'm here to tell you that branding goes way beyond that - in fact,  nearly every aspect of your business can, and should, be branded. 

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Why You Need to Blog Even Though You Hate It (and How to Make It Way Easier)

I know. You hate blogging for your business. Everyone seems to hate blogging for their business – it’s the biggest complaint I hear from other creative business owners. “It’s so hard to think up topics,” they tell me.  Or, “I have a zillion ideas but I don’t have the time to write them. I hate writing.” Or, “It takes so much time and I don’t even get any customers from it.”

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Four Social Media Myths - BUSTED

"Oh, I just told my friend to post on Facebook for her business. It's free." "OMG, I WISH my job were to play around on Instagram all day!" "How hard can it be to do Pinterest for my business?" I swear to holy Moses, if I had a dollar for every time I heard these seriously misinformed ideas on social media marketing, I'd be able to at least buy myself a really nice pair of shoes.

NEWS FLASH: social media marketing requires a LOT more work and strategy than just "playing around on Instagram all day." Five years ago, you could get away with quality posts on your Facebook and Instagram and not really worry about sales funnels and strategy, but NOT ANYMORE, my friends.

Today, I'm going to be playing a much cuter and more stylish version of those Mythbusters guys, as we break down the top Social Media Marketing Myths.

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Why Your Creative Business NEEDS Email Marketing

I keep hearing the same lines from creative business owners in my marketing consulting work. "Why do I need an email list?" "Isn't that for bigger businesses?" "No one wants to read my emails. I don't even know what to write." "I can barely keep up with Instagram marketing, I don't need another thing on my to-do list." "Everyone HATES getting emails, so people are just gonna delete whatever I send."

Friends, we need to talk about email marketing. 

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