Four Branding Elements You're Forgetting to Use In Your Business

Branding - Beyond the Logo

When a lot of people think "branding," they think of their logo - and only their logo. I'm here to tell you that branding goes way beyond that - in fact,  nearly every aspect of your business can, and should, be branded. 

creative brand design for interior designers

Your Brand is How You Want People to Feel.

When your customers open a package from you, it should speak to your business. How do you want them to feel? 

I recently purchased a beautiful treasure from one of my favorite vintage shops. When I opened the package, it was wrapped in leopard print tissue paper and sealed with a custom "open me!" sticker. The thank-you note was on a vintage postcard. When I opened this package, I was even more excited - the care taken in wrapping it showed me that this business cares about me. 

When people read your website, when they go on your Instagram, even when they open an invoice: these are all ways to showcase your brand.

Your Business Stationery

When you send your clients a thank you note, a referral card, even an invoice - these should all be on-brand. Whenever your client receives something from you in the mail, it should reflect your brand and company.

Stationery design by Bonnie Bryant Creative

Your Website Copy

The copy on your site (home page, about page, product descriptions) is how you talk to your customer online - it should be written in your brand voice. Try to avoid formulaic robot-speak or overly-pushy sales copy. Write like you'd talk to your customer! 

Your Instagram Grid

When people mosey on over to your Insta profile, it shouldn't be random pics of your lunch or your kids (more on that here). It should reflect your brand aesthetic in terms of color, style, and general "feel." 

Your Website

If your brand is fresh, fun, and cool, you need a website to match. Find a web designer with whom you connect - someone who "gets" what you're trying to say. If your target customer is hip millennial women, don't hire Uncle Joey to be your web designer. He's not gonna get your target customer or what you're trying to tell them.

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