Photo by Tessie Reveliotis Photography

Photo by Tessie Reveliotis Photography

Photo by Tessie Reveliotis Photography

Photo by Tessie Reveliotis Photography


BONNIE BRYANT CREATIVE IS A boutique creative STUDIO BASED ON LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, and owned by bonnie bryant o'connor.

OUR STORY:  A creative and design-savvy millennial with a sharp business sense, Bonnie Bryant O'Connor has always dreamed of running her own creative business. After starting her career in Manhattan's interior design industry, Bonnie decided to leave the 9-5 grind and long commute behind and open Bonnie Bryant Creative in 2016.

WHAT WE DO: We specialize in building stunning brands for businesses - we're a one-stop-shop where you can get your website, brand strategy, SEO, brand design, and copy done all at once. Need something else, too? With our amazing team of expert boss babes and extensive network, we can do just about anything from brand and product photoshoots to social media strategy and more.    

WHO WE SERVE: We love working with business owners who are passionate about what they do and who are ready to grow and flourish. 

WHERE WE'RE BASED: Bonnie lives and works on Long Island's north shore and our team is sprinkled all over the Northeast, but we connect with clients across the United States. Through the internet, email, and video chats, we can work with anyone from Maine to Hawaii (though if you live in Hawaii, can we come visit?). 

WHAT WE BELIEVE: We believe in being nice and working hard. We believe that good design can change your business. We believe in the power of the written word to connect people. We believe in community over competition and supporting fellow businesses.




We've assembled a DREAM team of the best in the biz.

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Bonnie is the fun-loving gal behind Bonnie Bryant Creative. Along with her talent for writing and design, Bonnie leverages her considerable luxury sales and marketing know-how to transform her clients' brands. Bonnie designs stunning visuals and beautiful websites that tell the story of your brand with just a glance. An award-winning writer, she crafts creative, effective copy that captures your unique voice and tells your customers who you are. She also designs artwork on the side for fun!

When not sipping iced coffee and tap-tapping on her keyboard, you can find Bonnie in her home studio with a paintbrush or hanging with her husband Dennis and three rescue pets.

COFFEE ORDER? Iced Americano or Iced Coffee with a little sugar and a LOT of half-and-half... or a Nespresso cappuccino if I'm feeling fancy. 

FAVE 90s SONG? All of them?! But especially anything by the Backstreet Boys or Celine Dion #NoShame

INSTAGRAM: @bonniebryantcreative

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Mariah is an SEO wiz and website strategist who helps small business owners and online entrepreneurs get more results from their website....with less pressure. She combines design with data and strategy so that website owners can stop shooting in the dark and praying for results, and actually start using their website to get noticed online and grow their business. Mariah is the power behind the pretty, helping our clients with the super-important backend of their websites.                         

When she's not floating around in cyberspace, she's exploring new cities, restaurants, and DIY Pinterest tutorials. (Because hand molded clay pots aren't going to make themselves, ya know?)

COFFEE ORDER?  Grande Americano Black or Cold Brew Black, because when ya girl zones out in cyberspace, she needs to stay focused!

FAVE 90s SONG Come on Barbie, let's go party! Barbie Girl by Aqua or No Scrubs by TLC. 

INSTAGRAM: @mariahmagazinestudio

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Laura is a social media strategist & content storyteller who helps businesses amplify their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Laura's finance and branding genius lend a unique approach to structuring social media strategies. This allows for exciting campaigns with goal-oriented ROI. Dedicated to keeping SOCIAL in social media, Laura knows how to mobilize audiences to take action. 

When Laura isn't sketching marketing plans on her whiteboard, you can find her eating her way through Long Island hot spots with friends and husband or in her backyard tending to her organic garden with her daughter and son.                           

COFFEE ORDER? Decaf sugar free cinnamon almond milk macchiato but WITH the topping because you have to cheat sometimes! 

FAVE 90s SONG Anything by the Spice Girls, but especially "Wannabe." Who DIDN'T dream of being a Spice Girl when they were little? My fave was Ginger.                 

INSTAGRAM: @insperienceit

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Tessie is the lady with a camera and a vision. She’s a sentimental, lip-gloss toting photographer whose trusty Nikon joins her in navigating her adventurous life. While she's best known for her wedding photography, her skills behind the camera have become a sought-after service for professionals looking to elevate their brand. Her talent in capturing each client's brand message lends itself to the personal approach she takes in her work.    

When Tessie’s not smiling behind her camera, you can find her browsing the magazine aisle at a local bookstore or clearing off her office desk to plan her next travel adventures - the ones with her husband and their handsome sons and the ones with her friends!

COFFEE ORDER: A tall glass of Cold Brew Black Coffee over ice. And a side of dark chocolate please, preferably with sea salt and caramel.

FAVE 90s SONG:  My heart belongs to the 80s… But if I have to choose from the 90’s, I choose “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion - my father/daughter dance song at my wedding!

INSTAGRAM: @tessiereveliotis

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Julie is a content creation and Instagram genius who captures brand aesthetics like no other. She specializes in creating visual content that tells the story of your brand and connects with your target customers in a way that leaves them coming back for more. Julie's a pro at  branding and marketing for restaurants,  hospitality, and luxury brands. 

When Julie's not snapping pics and choosing the perfect song for an Instagram video, she's in the kitchen, cooking her own instagram-worthy dishes.


FAVE 90s SONG"Crossroads" by Bone Thugs N Harmony                

INSTAGRAM: @town_and_coast