Brand Design Reveal - Heather Ann Makeup

I'm so excited to reveal this logo I designed for my friend Heather

Heather is a makeup artist based in New York and is SUPER talented. She specializes in natural glam makeup that makes you feel like yourself, but a little fancier - no pancake makeup or spackled pores, here! Heather has worked on some amazing film and television projects and I'm telling you, this girl is BLOWING UP.  See her work here! 


Heather wanted to modify her logo from the original one she had when she started her business. She loved the idea of the lipstick element "drawing' the HA, so I found a way to incorporate that. 

I started with hand-illustrating the HA element and the lipstick. I customized a modern font for the "HEATHER ANN MAKEUP" title, and added the perfect lipstick "smear" element there. For the brand palette, Heather wanted to stay crisp and modern. She sent me her favorite red lipstick color, and I used that tone for the red parts of her logo.

I'm so excited to reveal this gorgeous logo for such a talented fellow #BossBabe! 


makeup artist logo design

makeup artist brand design