Why You Need to Blog Even Though You Hate It (and How to Make It Way Easier)

I know. You hate blogging for your business. Everyone seems to hate blogging for their business – it’s the biggest complaint I hear from other creative business owners. “It’s so hard to think up topics,” they tell me.  Or, “I have a zillion ideas but I don’t have the time to write them. I hate writing.” Or, “It takes so much time and I don’t even get any customers from it.”


So they half-ass a blog post every once in a while, leaving their website dormant and out-of-date. Customers click to the “blog” section and see a post from four months ago, then one post six months before that.


Or they don’t blog at all. They decide it’s too time-consuming and that they don’t need it. They rely on Instagram for clients, and as Instagram changes its algorithms, they begin to see a major drop in reach (and in potential new customers).


If this sounds like you – I totally get it. If you don’t have an organized method for updating your blog, it can be a total burden, and if you don’t have a “why” it seems like a waste of time. But I’m here to tell you WHY blogging (also known as content marketing) is so important for your business and your brand, and show you how to make it so much easier!

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