The Biggest Must-Have For Your Biz

Remember the halcyon days of yore when you could slap an ad for your business in the local newspaper and call it a day? All you needed was a good photo, a decent paragraph or two of copy, and you were good to go. Customers would spot your ad and head into your store. If they liked you and your product, they’d pass the word onto their friends, and you’d grow your customer base through simple newspaper advertising and word of mouth.

Well, my friend, those simple days are gone. You can’t just rely on a newspaper ad for your marketing anymore. You can’t even rely on a Facebook ad. With the advent of the internet, you’re able to reach more customers, but so are your competitors. It’s not like the old days when customers would enter your store and you could provide superb customer service face-to-face. What sets you apart from competitors selling the same thing you do at a similar price? When potential customers are viewing your website thousands of miles away through a computer screen, how do you get them to like and trust you enough that they’re willing to purchase from you over someone else?

When working in luxury sales, I learned a very valuable lesson. Sales and marketing success is extraordinarily simple. When customers like you and trust you, they’ll buy from you, period. If you take the time to build a relationship with your target customer, they will purchase your products or services and pass the word to their friends. You’re not just selling your product, you’re selling your brand.

How Do You Sell Your Brand? Through Content Marketing.

What is content marketing? Providing valuable content (blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, social media posts, opt-in offers) that your customers WANT to read, watch, or listen to. Many consumers spend hours a day on their smartphones or laptops, consuming an endless stream of content on social media and blogs. They want content that interests them in some way – it’s either helpful or interesting. If you provide valuable content that weaves in your product or service in an organic way, you’ll be able to begin building a relationship with these customers.

I've written a guest post for my friend Jacquee Pope that explains WHY content marketing is the biggest must-have for your business, and HOW to do it the right way. Click below to keep reading this post!