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The Biggest Must-Have For Your Biz

Remember the halcyon days of yore when you could slap an ad for your business in the local newspaper and call it a day? All you needed was a good photo, a decent paragraph or two of copy, and you were good to go. Customers would spot your ad and head into your store. If they liked you and your product, they’d pass the word onto their friends, and you’d grow your customer base through simple newspaper advertising and word of mouth.

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Why Your Creative Business NEEDS Email Marketing

I keep hearing the same lines from creative business owners in my marketing consulting work. "Why do I need an email list?" "Isn't that for bigger businesses?" "No one wants to read my emails. I don't even know what to write." "I can barely keep up with Instagram marketing, I don't need another thing on my to-do list." "Everyone HATES getting emails, so people are just gonna delete whatever I send."

Friends, we need to talk about email marketing. 

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