How to Be an Instagram Rockstar

Do you LOVE Instagram? Do you scroll through, wondering how other brands, bloggers, and regular people get such gorgeous photos when yours aren't as pretty? Does it feel overwhelming to figure out when to post and brainstorm content?

Girl, I've got you. 

I've designed a FREE guide on how to be an Instagram rockstar. It's jam-packed with awesome info:

  • how to shoot your photos with your phone (no fancy cameras or lenses required)
  • how to edit your photos (hint: not through those cheesy pre-set filters that were all the rage in 2012)
  • how to schedule your posts so you're not going crazy trying to figure out what to post that day
  • a sample schedule to give you ideas on how to structure your week's worth of posts
  • a printable calendar 
  • content ideas and my FAVORITE sites to get free stock photos 
  • how to best research and use hashtags, including my favorite hashtags that I use to reach my target audience

This guide is totally free, and it's in PDF form so you can read it on your phone or print it out. You can snag yours by clicking here!