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Four Social Media Myths - BUSTED

"Oh, I just told my friend to post on Facebook for her business. It's free." "OMG, I WISH my job were to play around on Instagram all day!" "How hard can it be to do Pinterest for my business?" I swear to holy Moses, if I had a dollar for every time I heard these seriously misinformed ideas on social media marketing, I'd be able to at least buy myself a really nice pair of shoes.

NEWS FLASH: social media marketing requires a LOT more work and strategy than just "playing around on Instagram all day." Five years ago, you could get away with quality posts on your Facebook and Instagram and not really worry about sales funnels and strategy, but NOT ANYMORE, my friends.

Today, I'm going to be playing a much cuter and more stylish version of those Mythbusters guys, as we break down the top Social Media Marketing Myths.

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