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The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Podcast for Your Business with Zero Podcasting Experience

I recently launched the Cup of Ambition podcast and it was definitely a labor of love.

Let me be clear, when I first got the idea, I DID NOT want to do it. I run two businesses. I knew how much time and effort it would take to learn audio recording (a topic I knew NOTHING about), schedule guests, and market the podcast. I knew it would probably be expensive. I got the idea and brushed it off. But then I kept thinking about it. Guest ideas. Interview questions. All the things I wished I had been able to ask someone at the start of my career or when I started my business. So, begrudgingly and with a huge eye roll, I decided to get started.

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The Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Your Website Copy

There are so many important things that go into your website. Good web design? Obviously. Awesome logo and branding? Of course. Good images of your product? Yes. Excellent copy that connects with your customer and gets them to contact you? Wait, what?

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Seven Ways to Streamline Your Service Menu to Boost Conversions

It's time to put your services page on a diet. Or, to use another metaphor, it's time to Konmari the heck out of what you're offering. 

Simplifying your service menu allows you to streamline your business, saving you time, energy, and stress. It also makes it much easier for your client to understand what you offer, leading to that magical word: conversions!

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Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Brand Designer

So you're ready to get started on hiring a brand designer. YASSSSSS! So exciting! But you're investing a lot of money into this person, and want it to be a great experience. Plus, this is your BRAND. The face of your business - how the world sees you! You don't want to mess this up - but how do you know if the person you're hiring is a good fit?

Girl, I got you. 

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