Business Card Reveal | Business Cards for a Professional Voice Actor

Business Card Reveal | Business Cards for a Professional Voice Actor

We recently debuted these awesome cards for Alessandra Levy, a professional voice actor, musician, and producer based in NYC and Los Angeles. '

We started with custom icons that I designed for Alessandra to use on the cards and throughout her brand. Once the icons were approved, we jumped into the print design process.

Alessandra wanted something modern and cool - for those type of cards, I usually go with my vendor Print Peppermint. They have all sorts of really great die cut shapes available. We came up with three concepts:

  • A standard die cut from Print Peppermint’s library (the option we ended up with)

  • A round die cut featuring the headphone icon

  • A custom die cut in the exact shape of the microphone option.

What is a die cut?

It’s a custom shape for your business card or stationery. Normal square or rectangular cards are cut with an electric or laser trimmer when they’re finished - if you want a different shape, you’ll need what’s called a “die.” Think of it like a cookie cutter! I like Print Peppermint because of their super unique die cut options that they already offer. If you want to do something custom, they can do it too (though as with anything custom, it’ll be more expensive).

After I mocked up all the cards in the different shapes, Alessandra decided on the card you see here - standard business card size, but with cut corners. It’s super cool and unique, but will also fit into a standard business card holder!

We got these super fresh business cards printed at Print Peppermint, and you can too! Check out their different business card types at I’m DYING to design a frosted plastic business card - if you’re in the market for one, you know where to find me!

Bonnie Bryant