FREE WEBINAR - Four Client-Losing, Lead-Killing, MAJOR Mistakes You're Making on Your Website

Are you sick of getting traffic on your website that's just not converting? You SEE that people are coming. You KNOW that they're reading your blog. 

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But for some reason, your phone isn't ringing and your email inbox is empty. 


It might be because your website and web copy sucks.


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Well, luckily for you, my fun, funny, web genius friend Mariah and I are hosting a totally free, no BS webinar to give you the straight talk on what you're doing wrong on your website and web copy and most importantly, easy ways to fix it. 

Sick of signing up for crappy webinars that are basically an hour-long sales pitch? Where people give you the dumbest, most basic "advice" then push you into a hard sell for their product or course? Yeah, us too. 

That's why we designed this 30-minute lunchtime webinar to be jam-packed full of helpful stuff. We're giving you a ton of info with ZERO bullshit. We're talking about four major mistakes you're making with your website and web copy, and exactly what you need to do to fix it. You won't be pushed to buy anything and we'll tell you everything you need to know, with a question and answer sesh at the end to help you out even more. 

If you know me and/or Mariah, you know that we're fun AF and this is going to be AMAZE. We may or may not be planning an opening to the Mariah Carey/Ol' Dirty Bastard remix of "Fantasy," if that entices you to join us even more ;) 

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free webinar - four client losing lead killing major mistakes you're making on your website