happy clients are paramount to our business.

here are some reviews from recent clients about their experience with bonnie bryant creative.

I HAVE to give a grand shout out to Bonnie Bryant and her team for providing such a GREAT experience. These standards of excellence are what more businesses need these days. When you work with a business that values processes, customer service, responsiveness, and quality of work you can feel it in every interaction. I COULD NOT be happier with my new website and encourage anyone looking to freshen up their website while optimizing the effectiveness (for those of us who are not savvy with SEO and other fancy words for online presence) give her a shout for a virtual coffee sometime.
— Chelsea Williams, Core Solutions Group, Inc.
I was unable to come up with a new logo that really defined tanaRi events’ true essence. Wasn’t sure how to work with the colors + re-brand. For copy, it was also a challenge to come up with copy that really showcased what we wanted to portray. I loved how Bonnie took the time to get to know us, create mood boards + also come up with as many options until we were satisfied. She gave us many different design options, which was important to me. Also, she worked on everything in an efficient manner, which I really appreciate. The logo design turned out beautiful, so did the cards- showing them off to everyone now. We are very excited about the new copy on our website, to showcase it there as well. Both the logo + copy are clean, modern, fun and at the same time describes us.
— Riri Patel, TanaRi Events
Before hiring Bonnie Bryant Creative, I struggled with not knowing how to evolve my business visually to be more compelling online and appeal to both consumer and business markets. I had no idea what I was looking for so I loved the iterative process from initial concepts to final product. Having so many good options to choose from helped me figure out what I liked and what I didn’t. Flawless. The brand design looked great on paper, but it looked just AMAZING when I applied it to my site and scheduler. I’m so grateful for Bonnie’s help and vision in taking my business to the next level.
— Jenn Walker Wall, Work Wonders

If you have a business and you HAVE to work with Bonnie to get your brand together. We just used her for a new project we were working on and she crushed it! From the design work to the content, she managed to match our style & voice exactly the way we wanted. Couldn’t wait to finish the product so I could start working with her for the re-brand of our real estate company

Updated 5/2018:
Just did the rebrand with Bonnie for my other company. The logo is awesome, it literally gave us an identity and it created our own brand. It’s something no real estate company has ever done.
— Anthony Grosso, Anthony & Janet and Grosso Properties
New website mockup.jpg
My brand did not match my style as I wanted to attract more of a luxury market. I had originally set up my website by myself so it was not as professional as I wanted. My favorite part about working with Bonnie was her creative ideas and fun personality. When we finished up the website, I was blown away. The attention to details was amazing - she really listened and brought my ideas to life!!
— Juliana Fink, J Fink Beauty
I loved how quickly Bonnie understood my style and the aspects that were important to me in creating my new brand. Her turn around time was so fast too! Exactly what I was looking for to refresh my current brand which included so many elements that I wanted to incorporate and even keep from my old brand so that I could hold on to a bit of my identity. I am beyond happy with the final product and believe my business will grow more than I can imagine. Best decision I made this year!
— Rebecca Sundin, Lovely Indeed Events
Working with Bonnie these past few months has been such a weight off of my shoulders and that in itself is the biggest gift, ever. Just from our first emails together I knew that she would be a great fit for what I was looking for. Like most small business owners, our business is our baby and it’s so hard to open up and share some of the workload even if its those parts of the job that we procrastinate getting done. Bonnie being a small business owner herself was really appealing to me- I loved her brand and her style and knew immediately that she would be able to help kick my business up a notch. Being able to shoot Bonnie an email at random hours with a list of blog-able content with random little notes and information and having her do all of her own research behind the scenes (with my questionnaires I send to my couples) is the best feeling, ever. Sometimes I read the posts that she puts together and think to myself, “Wow I totally forgot that couple did that, or had that happen!” Having someone who can just focus 100% on the blog itself really is so incredible and allows me to offer that experience to my couples that I think is so important. It’s such a sigh of relief knowing that the back end of things are being handled too, like SEO, scheduling/publishing. She is amazing and just so super talented!
— Kaitlyn Ferris, Kaitlyn Ferris Photography

I was having a hard time putting an end-of-year thank you email together for clients without it sounding cheesy and impersonal. Bonnie took my scrambled ideas and turned them into a perfectly flowing email which was both professional and friendly and actually sounded like ME! My favorite part of working with Bonnie was receiving the first draft and realizing she nailed the project. The content was perfect and exactly what I was hoping to receive. I definitely recommend Bonnie to any business in need of copywriting, she is sure to exceed your expectations!
— Jenna Obermiller, ICanDoThat Design

Before working with Bonnie, I had no idea what my “Brand” should look like. I also didn’t have a clear vision of where I wanted my business to go, relative to marketing and social media. Bonnie created an overall Brand Design and worked with me to create an amazing set of logos. She then assisted me in developing a Brand Strategy that I have been able to actually implement!

The best part about working with Bonnie was her clarity with communication (I knew when I could expect a deliverable), her honesty, her energy and never ending flow of ideas! I also really appreciated her patience in the beginning of our project. The Brand Strategy was a lot of absorb and she walked me through all of it and let me work at my own pace without any added pressure! Bonnie even stepped in and fixed items that I messed up and taught me how to do it correctly in the future! She goes above and beyond. I’m looking forward to continue to work with Bonnie as my business grows!
— Rayann Larsen, Rayann Larsen Reflexology

I initially contacted Bonnie Bryant Creative to assist me with rewriting copy for my website. She was very easy to work with and so intuitive to my aesthitic and needs. I have worked with her several times now for my copy and website updating and design, she is just fantastic! She is my go to girl for marketing and creative copy!
— Melissa Hyatt, Artist