Introducing Our New Services - Website Design! (And Not Just Any Web Design)

Happy summer, everyone!

We kick off this glorious Tuesday announcing our brand new website design services!

Bonnie Bryant Creative is thrilled to now offer Squarespace website design, along with our brand design and copywriting services.

Why? We saw that our clients needed it, and wanted to help give them the WHOLE brand of their dreams, website included. By adding web and SEO strategy genius Mariah Magazine to our team, we're able to help our clients reach new heights. Bonnie will be working on the design, while Mariah does the backend strategy and SEO. 

What sets us apart? A lot of designers make pretty things, but at Bonnie Bryant Creative, we give you power behind the pretty. Our team does a comprehensive strategy session to figure out HOW your site should work to best maximize conversions. Scared of SEO? Don't be. We do a competitor analysis, keyword strategy, foundational setup, and implementation, and best of all, explain it all to you. On top of it all, we design the gorgeous brand and site of your dreams, and write truly great web copy that connects with your target customer. 

What else is new? We've teamed up with the amazing Laura Cheek to help our clients master their social media. The supremely talented Tessie Reveliotis is offering our clients stunning branded business portraits. The incredible Instagram queen Julie Nicotra will be taking on social strategy our hospitality and restaurant clients.

Ready to get started? Click here!