Friday Favorites - Take Time for Self Care

As a copywriter and brand designer for creatives, it's essential for me to keep my office space looking good. Every Friday, we share some of our favorite biz essentials for you - either for your office or to help inspire you!

The winters are tough for me - a lack of Vitamin D and sunshine usually leaves me feeling blue and uninspired.

Taking time for self care really helps - getting enough sleep, exercise, and sticking to a routine have really kept my spirits up this year. 

One of my favorite self care practices is my skin care ritual. At 28, I decided it was time to get serious about skin care - no more haphazardly wiping a makeup wipe to clean it and throwing on whatever moisturizer I had in my cabinet. 

I've come to really love the AM and PM rituals of skin care - my skin is so much better, and it just . feels nice to give your face a little love at the beginning and end of each day! I've included my fave products below. If you're looking for more skincare inspo, definitely read Caroline Hirons' blog!