Brand Design Reveal - Anthony & Janet

Creative Brand Design for Entrepreneurs

I'm so excited to reveal this brand design for my friends Anthony & Janet

Anthony and Janet are some of the most driven people I know - a major power couple who have dedicated their careers to helping other business owners grow their futures.

Janet is a CPA and business coach, while Anthony is a real estate broker and investor. Together, they decided to start a new venture called Anthony & Janet.

In their series of monthly masterclasses, they offer common sense, real life advice to entrepreneurs and regular people from all walks of life and with all levels of business expertise. Their masterclasses  are jam-packed with no-nonsense, no-B.S., actionable advice that you can get started on right away. 

They help you learn in a fun, laid-back style that’s easy to understand. Anthony & Janet show you that you don’t need an MBA from a fancy school or a million dollar trust fund to be a successful investor. You just need to have confidence, ambition, and a good strategy to make sure you’re consistently working towards and reaching your goals. 

I was THRILLED to work with them on this project!


Anthony and Janet called me and told me about their new biz venture, and I was so excited to join them in strategizing and crafting their new brand. 

We started with a phone chat to learn more about their target customer. I sent them my brand questionnaire, which gives me all the good stuff about who my clients are trying to reach. 

This project was two-fold: creating the brand AND writing the copy for their masterclasses.

A&J have a series of twelve masterclasses - they gave me the topics, and I helped them strategize/refine them. I also wrote their "About Me" for their website and brainstormed their "Design Your Life. Dominate Your Future" tagline.

For the brand design, I gave them three preliminary choices, and they picked one to further develop. A few tweaks later, we were ready to go!

They also had a specific vision for their business card and sales brochures, so I captured that vision and designed those as well. 


Anthony & Janet selected a bold, modern logo concept and we developed it further. I got the idea to do a bright yellow as an accent color - lo and behold, it's the EXACT color Janet was wearing in their brand photoshoot with our friend Tessie Reveliotis! Great minds think alike.

Janet also wanted a gold foil touch for the business cards and printed stationery, so the bright yellow ended up transferring really well for that. Digitally, the stylized ampersand is yellow; on their business cards, it's a chic gold foil. 


  • custom brand design - main logo, alternates, color palette, website favicon
  • brand strategy
  • custom business card design and printing
  • custom notecard design and printing
  • custom sales brochure design and printing
  • Tagline concept
  • Copywriting for twelve masterclasses
  • Graphic design for twelve masterclasses 
  • Copywriting for "About Me"

Make sure you check out Anthony & Janet's website to learn more about their business and to see their brand design in action!

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