A 24-Hour Guide to Miami

I recently went on the most fun vacation with friends! We spent a mere 24 hours in Miami, then embarked on a really fun cruise to the Bahamas and Mexico. Conch salad, loads of tequila, a ton of sunshine - we had the best time! (Check out my Instagram to see some fun photos of the trip!)

We had a really good time in Miami. I LOVED its Art Deco architecture, the beautiful views, and the amazing food and nightlife. I've compiled a 24-Hour Guide to Miami to highlight some of my favorites!

All artwork by Bonnie Bryant Creative

We started out with cocktails al fresco at Segafredo. (A really nice local saw us trying to figure out where to get drinks and recommended this place - Miami people are WAY nicer than New York people!) My recommendation? The Mojito Royale paired with Tuna Tartare. 

Next up, head to Yardbird for the best BBQ! As a branding and design nerd, I loved everything from the business cards to the bathroom decor. We had a group of nine people, and the waiters were super helpful at recommending a variety of dishes for us all to share. Our faves? The Tipsy Debutante cocktail (me, duh!), the fried green tomatoes, and the fried chicken with waffles and watermelon.

After that, take an Uber to the incredibly chic Hotel Delano. The Rose Bar is gorgeous, but on a beautiful night, head out to the pool bar. We did it baller-style and ordered a few bottle of champagne! Tip: get there early and get a daybed next to the pool. 

After that... well, we were three bottles of champagne plus all those cocktails in, so we ended up on the beach. My husband jumped in the ocean and my friend Rich and I joined for an impromptu midnight swim! Not advised if you don't have towels... but as the youths say, YOLO! 

The next day, my husband and I got up early, fought through our major hangovers, and got brunch at a little place on Ocean Drive (there are a ton of them with good brunch specials). We then strolled to the beach and the Miami Art Deco Museum. The Museum itself is small and the gift shop is super pricey, but it's worth a visit. We then strolled around to enjoy all the fun Art Deco hotels until it was time to board the cruise ship!