Brand Reveal - Rayann Larsen

I'm so excited to reveal this gorgeous brand design that I created for one of my favorite clients! 

Rayann Larsen is an amazing reflexologist, reiki healer, and aromatherapy expert based out of Atlanta. We started working together to strategize about building Rayann's brand from the ground up - she was starting fresh and felt like she needed some guidance on where to begin.

Rayann has such an inspiring story - she was a corporate badass for years, running her own business on the side, raising a family, and involved in her community. She started to feel super burnt out from the corporate grind, and ended up hiring a Life Coach and trying out some new things to improve her health. When she tried Reiki, something clicked - and she had a new lease on life!

Rayann is now a Certified Reflexologist, a Reiki Master, and a Certified Aromatherapist. She's a total delight - smart, funny, and a beacon of positivity. When we started to work on her brand design, I wanted to reflect those qualities. 


We started by identifying Rayann's target customer. Rayann is not just knowledgable, but she's down to earth and approachable. She really wanted people from all walks of life to come to her for her services - she believes that everyone can benefit from them. Hence the tagline we decided upon:  "Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Reiki for Everyone!"

Rayann filled out my client brand questionnaire and sent me some inspiration photos. We wanted the brand design to reflect the three branches of her business - relexology, reiki, aromatherapy - while still remaining simple and cohesive.

I started by doing my homework - researching Reiki and its attendant symbolism, and learning more about reflexology and aromatherapy. I took my research and began to sketch out concepts on paper. I then digitized the options, refined them, and sent Rayann  a preliminary brand board with color palette and logo option suggestions, as well as a brand board of alternative options. 


We worked back and forth for a few weeks, refining and tweaking Rayann's final selections. I also helped her set up her gorgeous website - plugging in the brand colors that we had selected and popping in the logo elements.


For Rayann, we did the following services:

  • custom brand design - main logo, alternates, color palette, website favicon
  • full brand strategy 
  • product label design for her amazing essential oil rollerballs and candles
  • website assistance - adding in brand colors and logos to her Squarespace site (I'm not a web designer - find my recommended list of web designers here - but if clients need help adding their brand elements to their Squarespace site, I'm happy to help). 
  • Tagline concept
  • Copyediting and proofreading of her web copy
  • Design for a Reflexology info sheet

Make sure you check out Rayann's website to learn more about her business and to see her brand design in action!

If you're ready to get started on your own custom brand design, click here!



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