How to Maximize Your Instagram Traffic - Without Using Third Party Sites

I love Instagram, but if there's one thing about it that drives me nuts, it's that you only have one link to use! You can't link directly in posts, and you can only link in your stories if you have over 10k followers. So that one link in your bio is IT - and if you have different channels to send your followers to, it's super inconvenient. 

Services like LinkTree and LinkinBio have popped up to solve this problem - I used LinkTree myself for awhile. However... I hated their templates. The free templates were super fugly and definitely not on brand. I wasn't interested in paying more money to have a different color scheme - I wanted my own brand colors on there!

Then, inspiration struck. DUH! Why don't I just do a landing page on my own site - the same thing as LinkTree, but I have total control over the content and branding? You can see the one I set up for myself here. I also set one up for my other business, Foster and Flourish - you can see that one here.

Setting up a branded landing page on your site is the perfect way to maximize your Instagram traffic - and why send your followers to a third party site like LinkTree when you can bring them DIRECTLY to you? 

My top tips for setting up your own branded landing page?

  • Include only 3-5 buttons or links - you don't want it to get too cluttered.

  • Make sure you pick a short page title for it - mine is

  • Make sure you brand it with a great header photo and your brand colors!

For more tips, check out my blog here!