Three Reasons to Send Holiday Cards for Your Biz

We all have ten thousand things to do over the holiday season - and sending holiday cards for your biz might seem like another tedious thing to add to the list, and you might think, "Ehhh. I'll just skip it."

Well, I'm here to tell you... DON'T SKIP IT!

Sending holiday cards for your business is an essential way to make a "touch" to your existing clients and all your contacts. I also love it because it's nice!! Sending a beautiful card with a warm holiday message is such a lovely way to keep in touch with people who you might not have spoken to in a while. They'll get your card and it'll remind them of you and your business in a positive way. 

My top three reasons to send holiday cards for your biz:

  1. It's nice to send to existing clients. Yeah, you're in regular contact with them anyways - but sending a nice holiday message is appreciated (and sometimes expected) during the holidays. For my bigger clients, I include a holiday gift along with their card.
  2. You can keep in touch with old contacts. I have a list of contacts going back to college that I send holiday cards to! Former mentors, old clients, people whom I don't work with anymore but with whom I want to keep in touch, contacts to whom I've pitched in the past and began to build a relationship with. A holiday card is the perfect way to keep in touch with these people in a non-salesy way!
  3. It helps build your brand. Your holiday card and the message inside can help build your brand. If you send a pretty card and it's hanging up in your contact's office for a month, you're gonna be in their face every day!

I design my own holiday cards, and I'm not afraid to be a little bit *extra* with them. This year, I'm including gift tags from my online shop as a little present for each person who gets my card. 

If you're looking for lovely holiday cards, I have some predesigned ones available in my online shop here. I also custom design holiday cards for other businesses - if you're looking for something really special, email me today