A Relaxed New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve - perhaps the most overrated of all the holidays. The pressure to have the best night ever is so high! 

Around us on Long Island, there are few options. Spend a ton of money to have a prix-fixe dinner at a restaurant. Spend even more money to go out in NYC - $50 cover charge with no drinks included? No thank you! Unless you have a fun house party to go to, New Year's Eve is a bust.

My husband and I have decided to just stay home this year and have a Very Lazy New Year's Eve. Very Lazy New Year's Eve essentials are:

  • sparkling wine. You don't have to get expensive champagne, prosecco will do!
  • Mixers for your bubbly. I like St. Germain. You can also add some pureed peach to make a bellini, or some cranberry simple syrup for a fun and festive champagne cocktail.
  • Lots of throw blankets and throw pillows to make a snuggle fort
  • Cozy-chic pajamas - I wear my "fancy" pajamas on New Year's Eve.
  • Lots of candles to give your living room a romantic vibe
  • Netflix or Amazon Prime - the New Year's Eve pre-shows are pretty cheesy, so we usually turn them on a few minutes before midnight

I hope you have a fun New Year's Eve, whether you're partying the night away or snuggling with your sweetie!