Thanksgiving Morning Inspiration Board


Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday of the year here in the O'Connor house!

First of all, because my husband Dennis LOVES to eat. Seriously, the way through this man's heart is definitely through his stomach. He has like twenty favorite Thanksgiving dishes and always wants them every year! 

We go to our family's house on Thanksgiving Day, so we usually have a pre-Thanksgiving for just the two of us on the Wednesday before.  Thanksgiving morning, we bring all our blankets and pillows to the sofa, make coffee and breakfast, and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the dog show afterwards.

Our Thanksgiving morning essentials are:

  • Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Especially if it's in cute mugs.
  • Comfy pajamas
  • Delicious calorie-filled breakfast - preferably pie from our feast the night before.
  • Lots of blankets and pillows on the sofa for snuggling!

Funny story time: A few years ago, we cut out cable to save money. Dennis REALLY wanted to watch the parade, so we got those rabbit ear antennas. We couldn't pick up NBC and could only get CNN. Little did we know, the traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is ONLY on NBC! The CNN version was like, their B-list anchors stationed on 57th and 5th. No music, no Broadway shows dancing in front of Macy's, just video of the balloons. The only commentary was, "The Snoopy balloon is 20 feet long and weighs 500 lbs! The Dinosaur balloon is 25 feet long and weighs 450 lbs!" And the "celebrity guests" were the understudies of Broadway shows. It was terrible but also so funny! We gave up after a half hour and just put on Christmas movies instead. 

I also love Thanksgiving because I spend that weekend decorating for Christmas! When I was working my corporate job, it was really stressful to get the holiday decorations up. If I didn't do it Thanksgiving weekend, I wouldn't have time until right before Christmas, and it was always kind of depressing to put up the tree on December 20th and take it down two weeks later. Now, I have the time to decorate for Christmas and I'm so excited!