My husband Dennis always tells me that if I were an animal, I'd be a fluffy white kitten. I'm a total cat lady - I just love cats! Their furry little faces, their weird passive-aggressive personalities, their little kitty meows. Total, unashamed, unabashed cat lady right here.

I think my cat lady tendencies started when I was little. My dad was obsessed with our two cats, Moo-moo and Boo-boo (don't blame me for the names, they were chosen before I was born).Now, my husband and I have two rescue cats whom we adore. I could wax poetic about our fur babies all day, but I'll spare you and just share my favorite cat-inspired accessories. 

First of all - those Kate Spade loafers. Love! Want! Need!

I love the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats more, but  at nearly $500, i can NEVER justify buying them. Seriously. I almost spent an entire bonus on them once, but restrained myself. If anyone knows of cat loafers that are cute and under $100, PLEASE let me know. 

Kate Spade now has a whole line of cat stuff for the fall. I'm obsessed with most of it. I'm coveting the little strap purse and the wallet most of all! 

I found Meowington's on Instagram and I've bought a bunch of stuff from them. Everything is usually on sale, too! Not ashamed to say I'm the owner of three, THREE cat rings, including the iconic Catbird one - but to be totally honest with you, that one turns my finger green!  Oh, and one time I impulse-purchased a cat backpack at Target. I'm kind of embarrassed  to wear that one out of the house, though. I feel like a backpack emblazoned with cats is just a wee step too far? 

I feel like it's more socially acceptable to be a cat lady nowadays, with all this fun cat merchandise out there. Let your cat lady flag fly!