Paris Decor Inspiration

I went to Paris this last spring, and I fell deeply in love with it! I'm planning a longer post on all of the things I was inspired by in Paris, but today I'll just share a few quick thoughts.

I've been dreaming lately of chic Parisian apartments. They all seem to have a few main things in common, and I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate these design elements in my own home. Some of these are easier to do than others - it's hard to make your 8' ceilings into 10' or 12' ones! 

  • High ceilings: all Parisian apartments seem to have those soaring high ceilings. Sigh. My ceilings at home are 8', so not much I can do here!
  • White plaster walls: I usually don't like stark white walls when designing rooms - there are so many great neutral shades warm up a room better. However, it's hard to beat gorgeous white plasterwork in Parisian homes! The best way to break up an all white wall is with plenty of gorgeous wainscoting and trim, which Parisian homes have in abundance. 
  • Huge windows with plenty of light: Unfortunately, gorgeous French windows with Juliet balconies wouldn't quite work here in American homes in the suburbs. It would look super contrived! You can still do big windows, though! We have these awful, tiny casement windows in our home, but as soon as I can I'm switching them out to more generously-sized ones. 
  • Great wood floors: Who doesn't love gorgeous herringbone wood floors throughout your whole home? These are expensive and your contractor will likely want to murder you if you specify herringbone throughout your whole home, but it will be worth it!