BONNIE CONSULTING is a boutique consulting firm and creative studio based on Long Island, New York (but we work with people from all over!). 

We know that small business owners have a lot going on, and the branding/marketing end can be an annoying nuisance at best ("I don't have time to write a blog post or post on Instagram every day!") to an incomprehensible nightmare at worst ("What is Instagram?!"). There are a zillion social media platforms out there, and the actual running-of-your-business thing doesn't leave much time to worry about designing e-blasts, Facebook changing its rules for business pages all the time,  and liking things on Pinterest. 

That's where we come in.

We meet with you to learn more about your business. What makes your business awesome? Who's your target customer? What specific products do you want to highlight or sell more of? Who's your biggest competition? What's your hook? We then provide an estimate for a customized marketing plan for you, and get to work!