Would you be working from my office 20 hours a week like a regular employee? 

No. Bonnie works as a freelance consultant, and primarily works from her home office. She touches base with her clients at least once a week to go over initiatives, editorial schedule, schedule time to come in and take photos for new content, etc. but she does not work from your office. 

How much work is it to post a picture to Instagram? Why should I pay you for that? My college-aged niece can do it for me for free.

Believe it or not, social media strategy and management is more than just posting pretty pictures. It includes content sourcing and creation, photo editing, maintaining brand identity, community management, and strategic planning. When we manage your social media presence, we have the bigger picture in mind, beyond just posting a few photos a week.

 I have over 1000 Facebook followers but get one or two likes on every photo. I work really hard to post good stuff. Why isn't it resonating with my audience?

Ah, the age-old Facebook question! When we meet with you for an initial consultation, we'll go over the new Facebook algorithims and how to best optimize your audience for the best results. Maybe Facebook isn't the right platform for your business!

I'm a total jerk! Let's work together! 

Sorry! Our philosophy is "Work Hard and Be Nice," and we have a strict "No Jerks" policy when taking on new clients. We get excited about our clients' businesses and work closely with them to help them achieve their goals, and we only like to work with good people who are smart, kind, and passionate about their businesses. 

How much does this all cost? 

Email us to learn about packages and pricing!