Copywriting Questionnaire

This is my copywriting questionnaire. It helps us get on the same page in regard to your business goals and what you're looking for in branding assistance. If you don't have an answer to a question (you don't have a website or mission statement, for example), just write "none" in the field. 

Please note: you can't save this questionnaire and come back to complete it later, so please try to finish it in one sitting.

Please feel free to email me at if you need any help!

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Ex: "I do social media marketing now cause it pays the bills, but I'd really like to focus more on event design."
Ex: "Organic, fresh, and fun." "Sophisticated, upscale, bohemian."
Ex: "I like Instagram, but I hate the pressure to post every day. I like thinking up ideas, but I hate having to blog."
Ex: "In a year I want to have my website up and running, with all my social media scheduled ahead of time. In five years I want to have my own agency with employees."
What services are you interested in? *
We have a preset list of packages on our site, but we can customize packages for each client's individual needs!